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  • D - is for desire; your thoughts do aspire.
  • i - is for inclusive, never leaving others out.
  • V - is for vision, few can share.
  • i - is for intellect, your high capacity for knowledge
  • N - is for name, a pleasant one indeed.
  • i - is for impartial, a great arbiter
  • T - is for tender, loving nature.
  • i - is for innovator, always improving.

  • Our Features

    The DiViNiTi school has been deeply inspired by Vedic humans and their importance
    of a broad, balanced training of the hand.

    Our School Programs

    DiViNiTi Ullas(Play Group)

    The little ones spend time and learn what make the Ullas of any personality. Ullas is specially designed to develop the social skills of the tiny tots. The bonding between the mom and the child is further enhanced through meaningful fun activities happening within timely intervals. The social traits and belongingness towards society and nature is nurtured here!

    DiViNiTi Unnati(Pre-Nursery)

    The most joyful years of childhood where child enjoys without any care. Our Unnati is designed to provide unstructured play time along with age-appropriate learning aids which makes them aware of the surrounding and relate topics to the practical world. Our goal is the chid leaning and create inquisitiveness for world around!

    DiViNiTi Udgam (Nursery)

    The child inquisitive mind gets its food in the years spent in our DiViNiTi Udgam. Language, numbers environment all are part of daily activities which trigger the learning quotient of the child. We introduce structure learning into curriculum with balance of co curricular activities hence providing overall growth stimulation!

    DiViNiTi Pankh(Kindergarten)

    DiViNiTi Pankh is designed to prepare the child for the formal education in terms of listening, speaking, reading & writing. The child learns to be independent & get ready for future classes.The Pankh is bridging gap of Formal and Pre-school and inculcates the reading skill and number skill along with cognitive skill.

    DiViNiTi Dhanak Class(1-5)

    Dhanak is the first step of formal school with classes 1 to 5.The course is followed as per CBSE guidelines and activity based learning with emphasis on Vedic learning. The children get introduced to language of Hindi and English along with Number skill of Mathematics and EVS gives them sensitivity towards society and nature.

    DiViNiTi Daycare(Happy Face)

    It is a home away from home for children. An inviting place where children can move freely,play rest and study too. The daycare serves home-cooked fresh hygienic and nutritious meals to children. The daycare also provides Home-Work assistance and activities like Drawing and puzzles for children giving them ample of fun times !


    We not only say – We Are DIFFERENT

    The general tendency is to keep preschool activities restricted to numbers and alphabets with dash of activity which are not helpful as they do not teach all the finesse of an art. WE at DIVINITY provide Co-Curricular Activity on daily basis.

    Subject experts are hired for all the mentioned activities. The DIVINITY Child DOES NOT need any extra hobby classes. We thrive to make them stage confident.

    (Dance classes)

    Dance classes (dance is beautiful way to get the child physically active. An activity which is enjoyed by every age group. Music and dance break the monotony of the life and increase the Happiness quotient of the child.

    (Personality Development)

    Personality Development classes are aimed at making child stage confident and people friendly. It is seen that children are often shy in striking a conversation. We at DIVINITY try to give an environment to children where they raise to stage on daily basis hence Stage is NO MORE FEAR.

    (Moral classes)

    Moral classes pertaining to our VEDIC culture is something which makes us Different! In todays nuclear family structure of society, the new generation is lacking the loving bed time stories which used to teach us all the life’s integrities.

    Why Choose Us ?

    The teaching methodologies of DIVINITY school has been deeply inspired by Vedic humans and their importance of a broad, balanced training of the hand. The world today needs more compassion towards self, other fellow being and the world in general too. Indian Vedic teachings have always put emphasis on“Sarve Sukhinah Bhavantu”and “Vasudhev Kutumbkam”. The Divinity sows the seed of compassion in the tiny tots and help them grow into better human being. Research shows how the human hand has played a crucial role in the evolution of the human species. Till today kids learn a lot by hands on activity rather than classroom learning. We at DIVINITY work towards creating an environment where child gets an holistic development. We have a balance curriculum which imbibes best from the various methodologies taken up by world across. Taking The children will learn by imitation. They reflect what they see around. Teacher and Parent form their world hence its important for both to get in sync with the methodology of parenting. Taking in account the latest researches which prove that every child has a different kind of intelligence which if polished and refined and unleash a scientist, actor, artist, bureaucrat and so on with the tiny tots. Taking in account of these we concluded to have an educational approach which is a beautiful amalgamation of

    Indian Vedic
    Multiple Intelligence
    by Dr Howard
    Montessori method
    by Maria
    Waldorf education
    by Rudolf

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